At Jiffy Photo we do Video Transfers to DVD from all media types including:


    8 mm tapes

  • Hi 8 tapes

  • Mini DV

  • Compact VHS

  • 8 mm reels, 50’,200’,400’

  • 16 mm reels


*all non-8/16mm  tapes are transfered on site at Jiffy Photo Center and all 8/16mm transfers are done locally in St. Lucie County, we do not ship your tapes out.



For a single copy of your tape the charge will be $20 and $15 for each additional copy of the same tape. If you have 5 or more tapes the cost will be $12 a tape.


Prices for 8mm & 16mm film, already processed, will be $0.25 per foot; most rolls will have a marking on them telling you how many feet are on the roll. FYI: small rolls, roughly 3 inches wide, are 50 feet in lenth and the larger rolls, roughly 6-8 inches in length, are 400 feet. This should help you determine a rough estimate on pricing.